1. You can change the items shown by clicking on the “View” button in the top left. That will allow you to turn various options on-off as required.
  2. Zoom in and out or fit to size by clicking the “Percentage” also shown in the top left.
  3. Select the pages you wish to view by clicking the thumbnail in the left column or use the arrows and page drop-down selector in the bottom left.
  4. View detailed document, Image, Fill and Position info by using the “Format “button in the top right.
  5. View the colours, document properties and fonts by clicking on the “Document” button in the top right.
  6. Add notes to the document when asking for a reproof by clicking on the “Speech Bubble Icon” just right of centre in the top header bar.
  7. Move your pages around when zoomed in by using the hand tool.
  8. You can download a pdf of your proof by clicking the “Cloud Icon” in the top right of your window (may be covered by the cookie banner).